How to get “useless gaps” between windows in Awesome window manager.

Maybe the title is best explained in pictures. This blog post will show you how to get the gaps between windows as shown below. These are called “useless gaps”.



To do this we’ll need a module for awesome called Lain. It provides a set of new layouts and widgets, and among the layouts are the “useless” layouts, that is, layouts which provide windows with useless gaps. I also recommend Lain for it’s widgets for weather and file system size. Really really cool. Anyways, follow these steps to get the useless gap layouts.

  • Click here for instructions on how to install and use Lain. If you use Arch, then you can find Lain in the AUR. For other distros, you’ll need to clone the git repo.
  • Once cloning is done, you can find instructions on how to use the use the useless gap layouts here.

After updating to awesome 3.5.6, I would get a compile error which would say “attempt to perform n%0”, everytime I used to use uselessgap layours. Then the windows would refuse to tile, and would instead spawn one on top of another. One fix was to not use useless gap layouts, but then useless gaps are so pretty! So I looked for another fix, and found one too. To fix this, I followed this code change.


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