Geeky shit with SAGE, notify-send and XKCD!

I came across this xkcd comic a while back and have practicing that every time I was bored and had nothing to do. (Pro tip : This kills a helluva lot of time while travelling!)

Now this semester I am taking a course on Algebraic Number Theory and some of the take home assignments required me to compute the class number of certain number fields. Instead of doing this the hard way, I decided to cheat and use SAGE,which is a computer algebra system for mathematicians to do fancy stuff. I haven’t explored it fully yet and I intend to do so during the summer. It’s really powerful because it integrates existing math software into it instead of “reinventing the wheel”.

One day when I was bored I decided to write a simple bash script to factor the time and display the result as a notification. The idea of the code was simple : get the time as a four digit number HHMM, pass that number to sage, ask it to factorize, store everything as a variable and push the factorization as a notification to the home screen.

After a bit of searching, I found out about notify-send, which is a cool little package which helps in displaying notifications.

Putting all these together, I came up with the following script.

#! /bin/sh
# Copyright (C) 2016 kody <kody@kodyarch>
# This short script computes the prime factorization of the time considered
# as a four digit number. For example, it looks at 20:04 as 2004 and computes
# it's prime factorization.

TIME=$(date "+%H%M")
echo 'factor('$TIME')' | sage > ~/test1

FACTOR1=$(awk 'FNR==6 {print}' ~/test1 | cut -d ' ' -f2-)
FACTOR2=$(echo "$FACTOR1")

notify-send -t 10000 "The current time is $TIME." "And it's factorization is $FACTOR2."

rm ~/test1

Here is a picture of it in action!


To send desktop notification from a background script, say via cron, running as root (replace X_user with the user running X):

# sudo -u X_user DISPLAY=:0 notify-send 'Hello world!' 'This is an example notification.'



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