Lain weather widget : “Service not available at the moment”.

On my Arch system I use copycat-killer’s awesome themes. One of my favorites is the “multicolor” theme because it gives me a ton of info and it looks snappy and nice overall. One thing I was most happy about was the weather widget that came along with the themes. Anyway, here’s a pic of it in action during happier times.


But since the past few days, the weather indicator on top was annoyingly showing “N/A” and the weather widget was giving me a “Service not available at the moment.” message.


I googled around a bit and found out that the lain weather widget uses the Yahoo Weather API and that the devs at Yahoo decided that after 15th March, their weather API would give out data only to requests which were upgraded to Oauth 1, whatever the hell that is.

One of the answers here, however, suggested to simply replace “” with “” and I decided to do just that in the lain weather widget.

The init.lua file for the lain widgets which were part of the “yawn” library was at


In that, I replaced the line

local api_url = ''


local api_url = ''

And then restarted awesome with Modkey+Ctrl+r, which resulted in my pretty looking working weather panel again. 🙂

UPDATE 12/04/16 : The weather widget stopped working again. Yahoo used to be cool! 😦

UPDATE 24/04/16 : After tinkering again, I realized that my current config files were not up to date with Copycat-killer’s github ones. He’s not using Yahoo Weather API anymore, but is using the OpenWeatherMap API. I used the new weather.lua widget of his and things are up and running once more.



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