Twitter bots and WhatsApp bots.

I made an automated Twitter bot which tweets out funny sentences from a corpus of tweets by my favorite twitter user, @AccioBae.

You can find the github repo here. It implements a Markov chain on the corpus of tweets. The first implementation wasn’t that effective, but I modified the algorithm slightly to get slightly better coherent results.

You can find the twitter account here. I named it “H.Bustos Domecq“.

A little while later, I wondered if I could do the same with WhatsApp as well. Upon a little searching I came across a github repository of a Python library which interacts with WhatsApp. This was called “yowsup“. I used it’s echo implementation demo for a while, to great results, albeit temporarily. The very next morning I found that WhatsApp had blocked that number. I requested an unblock by telling them that I had no malicious or spammy intent. They said no.

Oh well.